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Boxed Invitations

Beautifully suited for all your card-based needs

Box Invitations

Box invitations are the most traditional yet stylish form of wedding invitations preferred by people seeking the best of both worlds. We offer a huge collection of elegant wedding invitation boxes in different shapes and designs. From simple looking luxury silk wedding invitation boxes to those adorned with crystals and pearls, you can find an invitation box that perfectly suits your taste and budget.

To get your invitation boxes, contact us at info@duallush.com. We will be happy to talk to you, call us on +91 98 1172 3309.

Creating Memorable Invites

Our luxury, elegant and innovative wedding invitation boxes are designed to create a lasting impression on the recipients. Made from the finest quality of silk and paper and adorned with exclusively handpicked embellishments, these boxes do more than just inform the recipients about the various aspects of the event. Our focus is on keeping the invitation boxes visually appealing and relatively unique to turn them into wonderful memories.

A Truly Personalized Experience

Opting for our exclusive wedding invitation boxes assures you of a great personalized experience. Whether you are buying a limited number of boxes or are looking for supply of wholesale silk invitation boxes, we can be trusted to offer the best services at the most reasonable prices. Our customized services will help meet your specific needs and expectations in the most effective manner. So, come explore our website today and find just the right boxed wedding invitation for the most significant event in your life.

We are having with us finest collection of box invitations for wedding. Each of the designs which are available with us are unique in look and appearance. It will turn to be difficult for you to decide as which one you will love to go which as all the patterns are highly attractive and eye soothing.  To make your wedding invitations a grand one, feel free to give us a call and we will help you to make the best choice within your budget.