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Acrylic Invitations

Beautifully suited for all your card-based needs

Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Acrylic invitations are one of our most sophisticated products which are made up of clear as well as mirrored acrylic. The mirrored acrylic offers an elegant glass like appearance. It comes with a beautiful polished finish along with laser engraving. This engraving manages to create a unique and clean frosted white mark which comes as highly visible against the clear background. We also use silk screen printing to make the acrylic wedding invitation more attractive and soothing to eyes. Acrylic wedding invitation card is something trendy in invitations industry.

To get your acrylic invitations, contact us at info@duallush.com. We will be happy to talk to you, call us on +91 98 1172 330.

We make your wedding invitations special

At Duallush Designs, we are happy to present a wide range of unique engraved acrylic invitations which will be a perfect choice to make your wedding invitations special. We will encourage you to browse through our wedding card collection to pick our ready designs. You can also provide your preferred customized design which can be crafted to present one of a kind acrylic statement design for your wedding. If you want us to make customized design which is surrounding a particular theme and reflects your own ideas, please feel free to ask. We will ensure that your guests are impressed when they receive the invitation cards.

Mirror acrylic invitation specialties

We specialize in mirror acrylic invitation as well. We use a reflective coating right on the back which is engraved with the details and the artwork design. This makes the artwork appear more translucent when visualized against the mirrored background. We can get mirrored acrylic invitations in different colors and shades. Our collection is so brilliant that it is enough to make you feel confused about making the right choice for you. Do not get confused and ask our experts for assistance. We will be there by your side to make your wedding card stand outstanding and make the guests feel impressed.

Weddings are more than an event to celebrate the union of two souls. In fact it is not unusual for the weddings to be organised in a grand and lavish manner to create a lasting impression on the assembled guests. Since wedding invitation cards set the tone of the event for the attendees, it is not uncommon for the organizers of a luxury event to invest in equally lavish wedding cards. We offer you a grand collection of ideas and specimens for luxury wedding invitation cards in India that are bound to dazzle your guests.